Friday, January 20, 2006

is there such a thing as "fast" water?

[1/20/06 Friday]
Swim - 2000m, 40:10 - with 1000m time trial (16:40)

This is the second fastest I have done this time trial. The fastest was last November when I clocked in five seconds faster at 16:35. I went to the university pool today and was reminded of how much I like that pool. It is meters (not yards), the lanes are wide, it is not too chlorinated, and it is deep. I have heard that deep cold pools are "fast". That might be true because my meter length swim times are always comparable to my yard length swim times in the usual warm shallow pool that I swim in.

I am starting to feel my runner's knee a little in the past two days. It is not painful at all, but it worries me that I can feel it. I think that the long swim kick set I did early in the week may have been hard on it.

[1/19/06 Thursday]

I had three hours in the middle of the day scheduled to do my workout today. I was planning to go to the gym to do a bike/run brick. My other option was to stay home and crawl into bed for a nice long nap. This is rare for me, but today I picked the nap and called it a rest day. My body was feeling tired and my eyes were sleepy, so I think it was a good call.

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