Wednesday, July 14, 2010

17 hours, 4 states, 5 workouts, 1000 reps

My Road Trip 1000 workout was a huge success (see previous post for the workout). Each time I did a round I felt energized and ready to get back in the car. It broke up the drive and I was able to go for 17 hours which was 2 hours beyond my goal of 15 hours. Always knowing I had another workout ahead kept my mind focused on each section of the drive, not the whole overwhelming thing. Another nice thing about it was that my "rest" time during the day was spent in grassy shaded areas outside, not hanging out eating snacks in gas station parking lots.

Round 1 [8:51]
7:30am, Roadside picnic area outside of Waco, TX
Feeling good. I liked the variety in the workout.

Round 2 [8:30]
10am, Rest area in Colbert, Oklahoma
I shaved off some time with smoother transitions.

Round 3 [8:38]
2pm, McDonalds parking lot in Chouteau, Oklahoma
By this time I was starting to feel sore from the previous rounds. It was also about 100 degrees in mid-afternoon Oklahoma. This was the hardest round for sure.

Round 4 [7:53]
6:30pm, Baseball park in Rolla, Missouri
I was definitely sore. I think I just wanted to get this round done as fast as possible so I hammered it. Then I headed across the street and got a chocolate Frosty at Wendy's.

Round 5 [8:06]
9pm, Rest area in New Douglas, Illinois
It had cooled down a little and the sun had just set. I had a great view of the moon and stars as I did this. I was starting to get to my limit for the burpees and mountain climbers.  1000 reps - done!!

[Total time 42:01]

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