Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pace planning

Run 4 miles with 5 x (90 seconds hard/3 minutes easy) [33:43]
Swim 1600m with 6 x (100 race pace/100 easy) [32:01]

These were both nice short workouts just get get my body moving and to keep my speed up. As far as cardio workouts go, this was a nice brick - short but with enough intensity that I felt like I did something. Barton Springs was cold as usual today but it's good training... I'm thinking that maybe 68 degrees with no wetsuit will feel similar to 58 degrees with a wetsuit??

Last night I wrote out more lists: specific steps I will follow for each transition, my nutrition plan for race day going all the way from my first breakfast at 2am to my post-race smoothie, what I need to do each day leading up to the race once I arrive on site on Thursday. Nothing that can be controlled will be left to chance. I also looked at past race results, specifically a few athletes I know, to get a more clear idea of how I should pace myself.  Based on those results and my current fitness, here are my time predictions:

Swim 1:05 [two loop course as 4 x 16 minutes]
Bike 6:20 [two loop course with 3:10 per lap, 17.7mph]
Run 4:00 [two loop course as 4 x 60 minutes, 9 min/mile]
T1/T2 0:08
FINISH => 11:33

In my first Ironman, my finish time was a mere one minute off my predicted time. This will be huge success if I can duplicate that this time.

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