Monday, June 21, 2010

p-p-p-poker face

Strength Session
3 rounds:
10 deadlifts@45lb
10 push press@45lb
10 push ups
10 goblet squats@15lb
10 assisted pull up10 step ups (each leg) - 24" box
20 sit ups
I forgot to time this but I did it for time. I want to make sure I keep my muscles sharp. None of these exercises should make me too sore and even if I am a little sore, I still have 6 days to recover. I find that I race better right after my muscles have rebuilt from some hard stimulus.

Bike 60 minutes with 4 x (8 minutes moderate-hard/2 min recovery)
I did spin class tonight and Danielle played some Lady Gaga in honor of my Ironman. P-p-p-poker face p-p-poker face. I am enjoying this week and celebrating my fitness and all the hard work I have done. I am getting filled back up with energy and anticipate that after a few more days of these lighter workouts I will be busting out of my skin.

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