Tuesday, December 22, 2009

current goal = stop making goals

It's been one month since I set my three three-month goals: run faster, save money, and smile and laugh more.

I am smiling and laughing more. I am letting myself be more free and less chained to my workout and food regimes. Actually the food is not seeming like a regime now that I am used to it. I'm cooking new recipes all the time. My latest discovery is that you can pretty much cook any vegetable until it's soft and then puree it into a soup. This is good happy comfort food. I starting swimming again and am falling back in love with it. I'm not even looking at my watch, just moving through the water. I'm not using a workout plan, just going with how I feel each day. I got an iPhone and am having a blast playing with it. It's the ultimate swiss-army knife of all time. I'm reading fiction books and watching movies and playing music. I'm socializing. It's been a long time since life has been this stress-free.

Saving money. Yes, my bank account is growing. Saving money feels kind of like being on a diet. When I want to buy something that is at all a luxury, I think to myself - do I really need that? Then I envision my future house to make that decision.

Running faster. Hmmm. Not sure. My hip is injured right now and I haven't run in a week. I know all this rest is a good thing. I can't remember the last time I did not have muscle soreness or some ache and pain so it is really a novelty to feel this fresh. It may end up being one step back to take two steps forward with running this winter.

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