Tuesday, August 22, 2006

things looking up

Swim - 1.2 miles, 41 min

Things are looking up today. I started the day dragging and exhausted, but felt so much better after my massage. Mentally I feel just rejuvenated enough to be slightly interested in doing some workouts this week. I went to the store and bought some groceries, which in itself seemed to cheer me up. I had a huge spinach salad for dinner with avocado, leeks, strawberries, and tomatoes, and then followed that with a bowl of plain yogurt and cereal.

I also went to the store and bought myself the Vol. 1 cd by the band Hurt. I love the songs Rapture and Fall Apart and have been in need of something new to listen to. The Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium has gotten me through the past two months, which says a lot considering how much time I spend with my mp3 player, but one can only listen to that so much. I wish Evanescence would release their new album now, but I guess I will have to get through on their one new song.

Besides everything else it offers, Ironman teaches the necessity of knowing how to care for oneself.

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