Monday, August 14, 2006

nutrition rehearsal


[8/13/06 Sunday]
Bike - 100 miles, 6:48 = Two loops of Ironman course plus part of connector
Run - 2 miles, 19 min

I rode the first 40 mile loop of this with a friend of mine who is training for her first sprint triathlon. It was great to have someone out there with me to chat with and help me keep my pacing down. She did a great job on the hills.

I used this ride as a dress rehearsal for Ironman nutrition. I had 5 bottles of Gatorade, pretzels, a pb+j sandwich, a banana, 2 clif bars. It was plenty of liquid, but not nearly enough calories and my stomach was growling by the end. I was hoping to not use Sustained Energy to get calories from a mixed drink, but I may need to after all. The sandwich tasted great and I could have eaten at least 2 more of those. My legs felt dead and tired for the run and my stomach began to get bloated and gaseous... not good, had I been running 26 miles instead of just 2. I have a long ride again next week to get this all worked out.

[8/12/06 Saturday]
Swim - 3.6 miles, 2:13, Lake Monona
Run - 6.2 miles, 54 min

Face-down in a lake for over 2 hours. Need I say more?
A few more of these and the Ironman 2.4 miles will seem short.

[8/11/06 Friday]

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