Thursday, August 17, 2006

calm relentlessness

Run - 20 miles, 3:08 - Monona Terrace to Picnic Point entrance and back, then around Lake Monona

I made it through another 20 miler today. Calm relentlessness. I am learning what it is like to get beyond pain.

I am maintaining my usual long distance pace and it is hurting only slightly less at the end, but what I am noticing is that it is getting easier and easier to have a normal day after these without needing to lay down and sleep for a long time. I can bike to work right after it without thinking twice about whether or not I will have enough energy.

[8/16/06 Wednesday]
Bike - 25.7 miles, 1:38, Ave Speed 15.9

I biked what is becoming my typical loop for early morning weekday rides. Machinery Row Bike shop to the Monona Terrace and down the John Nolen bike path to the Capitol City trail. Turn onto McCoy road which turns into Syene. Right on Irish Lane, left on Caine, right on Whalen. Right on Seminole and back into Madison through the Arboretum. There are a few hills but it is mostly rolling with a good mix of being in and out of the city.

I have been on the waiting list to rent Zipp 606 race wheels from and the highlight of the day today was finding out that they had a cancellation and I will get to rent the wheels during the week of Ironman! They arrive at my door a week ahead of time, and then I return them after the race. Riding on the wheels that claim to be the fastest out there, I should have a pretty fast Ironman bike split.

[8/15/06 Tuesday]
Swim - 1.2 miles, 37 min - Lake Monona
Run - 4.6 miles, 44 min

I eased back in today after that long tiring bike on Sunday. I am feeling grumpy about doing even short workouts because I am getting a little mentally burnt out. There was a part of me that wanted to take another rest day today, not because I was too tired, just because I didn't feel like getting into the routine for yet another day. That part of me did not win.

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