Monday, July 31, 2006

Spiderman bouncy ball phenomenon

Swim - 1.2 miles, 42:39 - Lake Monona

Whew! An easy day and I was done at 6:45am.

Earlier in the season, I came up with a way to be seen in the lake to avoid being run over by ski boats - large inflatable bouncy balls that kids sit on and bounce while holding on to the handle make great buoys. I got a bright yellow Spiderman ball at Toys R Us and attached one end to the handle of the ball and the other end to my waist with a long strap and my race belt. When I swim with it, it drags behind me with little extra effort and makes me visible in the water from at least a mile away. A few people saw me and asked me about it... that was a month or two ago. I guess the idea caught on because today there were a bunch of swimmers out there that I didn't know, two (!) of whom were swimming with Spiderman bouncy balls attached to themselves. It's funny what catches on sometimes.

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  1. Jeremy7:08 PM

    Yo Margo!

    I was there when you bought that bouncy ball! Ok well since your at my house I will just stop Commenting you. Ok see you Later Well accually I will see you right now because your sitting in front of me.