Friday, July 14, 2006

more pre-race recovery

[July 13, 2006 Thurs]
Run - 4.8 mi, 42:25 - fast paced run in hot conditions

Sunday I am doing the GG VII Olympic distance triathlon in Chicago and it is going to be really hot. It will be the first Olympic distance race I have ever done so I am a little unsure of the pacing and nutrition. I thought I would get myself prepared for the heat by going out for a hard effort run in the heat of the day today. It was at least 85, maybe more. I tell myself that I am strong in the heat, and if I am good about my race nutrition I will be fine. It was a good run.

This week has been recovery and I am taking it extra easy because I have been feeling near overtrained lately. My legs feel better after my massage yesterday and I actually felt bounce in my step today. It feels strange to be doing so little these past few days, but I reassure myself that it will pay off by giving me some new enthusiasm to get through my last few weeks of hard Ironman training, and no, I am not losing all my fitness by only working out once a day.

[July 12, 2006 Wed]
Swim - 3500m, 1:15 - main set included 10 x 100 @ 1:38-1:46 on 2 min, 1000 continuous

[July 11, 2006 Tues]
Run - 6.6 mi, 56 min - speed workout with 5 x 800@ 3:30/3:20 w/ 400 walk recovery
Swim - 1800yd, around 40 min - long swim lesson with lots of repeats and drill work

[July 10, 2006 Mon]

[July 9, 2006 Sun]
Run - 15 miles, 2:24 - to IM run course, one loop and back home

[July 8, 2006 Sat]
Bike - 70 miles, 4:33
Run - 2 mi, 17:08 - transition run off bike

I biked from my house to the Monona Terrace, went out to Verona, did one loop of the IM course, and biked back. Three bottles of Sustained Energy with endurolytes, a Clif Bar and some pretzels worked well for nutrition in fairly warm conditions. I did not get a headache later in the day, was not hungry when I got off the bike, and felt decent for the run.

[July 7, 2006 Fri]

[July 6, 2006 Thurs]
Bike - 16 mi, 55 min
Run - 1 mi, 8:00 - transition run off bike

[July 5, 2006 Wed]
Run - 6.6 miles, 58 min - hard middle 3.6 miles (30:20)

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