Sunday, May 07, 2006

early IM bike loop practice

[Sunday 5/7/06]

Bike - 43 miles, 2:47, Ave Sp. 15.6 - rolling hills to hilly
One loop of WI Ironman course (2:33):
Verona to Mt Horeb - 53:18
Mt. Horeb to Cross Plains - 38:31
Cross Plains to Verona - 1:01

It was a beautiful morning to do this ride - cool and sunny. There were a surprising number of bikers already out on the course at 7am. My speed for the loop today puts me on track for a 7 hour Ironman bike split, which is the minimum I am aiming for. I went at a comfortable pace and my legs were not fresh to start after yesterday's run. I need to practice that last segment from Cross Plains to Verona more and I definitely need to get my nutrition down. I was below empty at the end of the ride today.

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