Saturday, January 28, 2006

biking hat makes the day

[1/28/06 Saturday]
Bike - 1:05, spin class - various terrain while attempting to stay in 65-75% heart rate zone
Run - 1 mile, 9:30
Abs (300), Lower body strength and hips

I know I am not supposed to be doing bike/run bricks right now, but I couldn't help doing a mini run after the bike. My legs and knee were feeling good... well, my knee was ever so slightly tight, but like I said, I couldn't help it. I feel like I am in great shape and it is hard to hold back sometimes.

I got a cute biking hat that keeps my hair out of my face. When I gave myself a haircut a few weeks ago, I cut it too short to put back, but it is still long enough to get hot. A biking hat is the kind of detail that can make all the difference in a workout.

The winter regulars are gradually starting to come back to the saturday morning spin class. Several of them are training for Ironman. I like training with others around that are strong athletes and I like feeling like part of a gym community.

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