Saturday, February 16, 2008

chilling out in austin

I'm training in Austin Texas this winter, and who knows, I may just stay a while. There is a record amount of snow (for all time) in Wisconsin and I was getting a little cranky having to bike on the trainer and run on the treadmill all the time. The weather in Austin is ideal for training - 70 and sunny nearly every day. Well, except today when it is 45 and rainy. That's not a problem because it is allowing me to take a little breather from my usual early morning Saturday training and lay in bed with my laptop surfing the web. My window is open and I am listening to the birds sing and the rain drops fall, and feeling the cool air on my nose and fingers while the rest of me is warm under my down comforter. I don't get mornings like this very often. Usually I would have already gotten in 50 miles on the bike by now.

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