Thursday, June 15, 2006

you know you're busy when...

You know you are busy when you don't even have time to update your workout blog. Ironman training really has a life of it's own. It is a complicated game of juggling to get the workouts to fit into an already busy schedule. I feel like I am constantly running between workouts, always needing to be aware of what gear and food I have with me so that I don't starve or end up driving around needlessly. I am feeling unsure of what I am doing, and especially about how my running is going. I think I need to be running more.

This post is nothing but the basics - just the workouts I have done in the last week.

[June 15]
Swim - 1.2 miles, 44 min - Lake Monona

[June 14]
Run - 8 miles, 1:15

[June 13]
Swim - 1.3 miles, 50 min - Verona quarry
Bike - 13 miles, 54 min - Horribly Hilly course

[June 12]
Mega Brick:
Swim - 1.8 miles, 56 min
Bike - 13 miles, 49 min
Run - 5.5 miles, 53 min
2:38 total

[June 11]
Bike - 71 miles, 4:34 - Monona Terrace to Verona via Ironman course, one loop of course and back

[June 10]
Bike - 23 miles, 1:24, Ave Speed 16.2

[June 9]

[June 8]
Swim - 1.2 miles, Lake Monona
Strength training

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