Wednesday, May 03, 2006

hard mental day

[5/3/06 Wednesday]

Bike - 75 minutes, recovery ride - mostly flat with a few rolling hills
Swim - 2000m, 44 min - main set: 10 x 100 on 2:00 @ 1:50 pace

I did this workout as a brick in the middle of the day, leaving work to do it. I was trying to avoid rain (and was feeling trapped and unproductive at my desk), so I got up and went. The bike ride was fun. I really love biking these days. I haven't attempted to do a double workout in the middle of a work day and then go back to work and get anything done. It didn't work out today. When I got back, I spent a while eating lunch and staring blankly at my computer screen. I did a small task then decided it would just be better to take the afternoon off and go home for a nap. I didn't even bother to ride my bike home... I left it at work and took the bus.

I was disappointed with my swim today. I wanted to do 3000m with my main set as 15 x 100 @ 1:42 pace, but was too tired to make the pace. I only held it for the first couple repeats. 1:42/100m is the pace needed for a 1:05 Ironman swim. I was so depressed that I couldn't do it for short intervals today, that I gave up on the whole swim. I imagined my personal trainer Katy telling me to keep going to the end and not give up no matter what, like she does when I am doing pushups, but it only worked for a little while. I just didn't want to continue. I am so sore from my strength workout and hilly bike ride yesterday that it made today's workouts really hard. It turned out to be a rough mental day made harder with some unrelated personal issues going on in my head at the same time.

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